Australian Permanent Residence: Why So Difficult To Get?


Think of one of the best destinations to migrate to and have a better life, Australia definitely comes to mind. Australian immigration gets thousands of applications each year and the reasons for this rush is not far-fetched. The infrastructure, opportunities, top wages, as well as standard of living are all top notch.

Recently, the Australian immigration authorities stated that there will be adjustments in the rules governing migrating into Australia. The adjustments have been made and it has to a very large extent unsettled prospective applicants who hope to get a visa to Australia.

In order for you to know what’s obtainable now, we have decided to share with you the changes in the rules made. This will guide you into making a good choice.

Australia Immigration Rules 2018

Below are the rules that have been modified.

1. Minimum Point Score Requirement

The minimum point requirement for skilled immigrants applying for the skilled visa has been expanded. Previously, the point was 60. Now, applicants are required to score a minimum of 65 points to be eligible to apply.

2. Reduced List Of Skilled Occupation

The list of skilled occupation has been reduced by the Australian immigration authorities. The list contains the high demand occupations across the Australian states. To this regard, all immigration applicants must first check to ensure their skill is listed before applying for the Australian visa.

3. Citizenship Process Requirement Tougher

Some very major changes have been made to the Australian citizenship process. These changes have resulted in making the process stricter. Candidates applying for Australian citizenship will have to go through this relatively tough process now. An example is the English Proficiency level exams and some other add-ons.

Dealing With Australian Immigration Process

As seen above, the Australian immigration/citizenship is not a joke anymore. It is tougher than ever now. However, you still got a chance. Contact an approved Visa and Immigration consultancy company for Australia or hire a registered agent to assist you.


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